Is an integrated dishwasher right for you?

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Many of us love the streamlined look. An integrated dishwasher, concealed by a cupboard door, fits the bill.

The main reason people choose an integrated dishwasher is that they prefer the sleek, streamlined look. Because it’s hidden behind a cupboard door, it blends in well with the kitchen’s overall appearance. 

It’s a popular choice if you’re planning to renovate your whole kitchen, and can choose your new look from scratch. But of course an integrated dishwasher can still fit in with your current design if you’re not going for a complete overhaul. 

What’s different about an integrated dishwasher?
They’re slightly smaller than free-standing dishwashers – typically 55cm deep and 80–82cm high – to allow for the concealing cupboard front, and the starting prices are a little higher. 

Most integrated dishwashers come with a timer function, inbuilt noise reduction systems, and score the maximum energy efficiency rating.

Fully and semi-integrated dishwashers
Integrated dishwashers can be either fully or semi-integrated. Here are the differences.

  • A fully-integrated dishwasher is completely hidden behind a cupboard door, so you maintain the slick look and feel of your kitchen.

  • A semi-integrated dishwasher is 90% concealed by a cupboard door, with the exception of the control panel. This means you can use the settings and check the progress of a wash while keeping the discreet look of the appliance.