Is a second-hand dishwasher right for you?

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Paying a small price for great cleaning power is a smart idea. Here’s what to look out for. 

It's been calculated that a dishwasher could save you up to £70 on your utility bills each year, as they can be more efficient than washing the same load by hand. 

Save money and time
But you could save even more money by buying a second-hand dishwasher. New dishwashers can cost from £190 up to £1,750, whereas you can get a second-hand one for as little as £40. 

That £40 is a small price to pay for being able to spend more time doing something you enjoy: a dishwasher can save a family an incredible four hours every week. 

Do your research
So what are the risks of buying a second-hand dishwasher? Some older models may ‘slow down’, so ideally you should buy from a retailer that guarantees the dishwasher has had an MOT and meets legal safety requirements. 

If you’re buying from an individual, check whether the seller has insurance and if you can transfer the policy to your name.  

It’s also good to remember that more recent models have the best energy efficiency and use less water. So do read about a range of machines before you buy. Ultimately, though, a dishwasher makes such a positive impact on your family life, your finances and the cleanliness of your kitchen that it’s worth investing in.