Dishwashers vs. washing up calculator

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Using a dishwasher is quicker, more cost-effective and uses less water than washing up. 

Not sure yet? Use our handy tool to work out your savings – just move the sliders to find out the difference a dishwasher could make to your household.

  Per Week Per Year
Hours 0.00 0.00
Litres of Water 0.00 0.00
KwH of Power 0.00 0.00
  Money Savings
  Weekly Yearly
Hours - -
Litres of Water £ 0.00 £ 0.00
KwH of Power £ 0.00 £ 0.00
Total utility savings £ 0.00 £ 0.00

Surprised by how much?

Lab studies* found that washing up a full dishwasher-load by hand (12 place settings) took on average 60 minutes and 49 litres of heated water. An average dishwasher uses as little as 12 litres to do the same job, taking only 9 minutes to load and unload.

* Intertek UK 2010 Washing up Study. For more details download the full findings here

Comparison calculations assume:

  • One meal per person equates to one place setting washed up.
  • Data from Intertek Study of washing up place settings by hand vs in a dishwasher. 
  • Average water and energy costs supplied by
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