Did you know a dishwasher could... be eco-friendly?

16 Eco Friendly

Find out why a dishwasher’s so eco-friendly by seeing how much water can be wasted when washing up by hand.

Would it surprise you to learn that a dishwasher can use much less water than washing the same load by hand? 

In a 2008 study, Bonn University found that washing a full dishwasher-load of dishes by hand uses on average 49 litres of water, compared to the 10–12 litres used by the average machine. Eco-friendly dishwashers are so efficient because they clean and recycle the water they use.

During the wash
If you wash your dishes by hand with running water, six litres of water disappear down the drain every minute. This means that in only two minutes you lose 12 litres – the total amount of water a dishwasher uses during a normal cycle.

After the wash
On to rinsing by hand, and your clean hot water’s running down the plughole at a rate of knots. Once you’ve turned the tap off, the hot water drawn from the tank cools in the pipes, wasting the energy used to heat it. The average dishwasher, on the other hand, draws and heats only the water it needs, using just three to four litres in the final hot rinse.