Did you know a dishwasher could… be money-saving?

12 Money Saving

A big part of your household budget is energy bills. Find out how a dishwasher can help reduce them.

It might not surprise you to hear that in the UK, household energy bills increased by 55 per cent in the decade up to 2012*: we all know they’re a big part of our outgoings. So it’s always good to hear about how you can lower that cost, and dishwashers are great money-savers.

How are dishwashers energy-saving?
For years people thought of dishwashers as a luxury. But a team of scientists discovered that dishwashers can actually reduce your utility bills, because they use a fraction of the average electricity and water needed to wash the same load of plates by hand **.

In fact, using a dishwasher could save you up to £70 a year***. Whereas, when you wash up, you could be literally pouring money down the drain.

If your load isn’t seriously dirty, choose the ECO setting to minimise your bills even further. And if you’re on an electricity tariff like Economy 7, make further energy savings by running the dishwasher overnight.

What would you do with that extra cash?


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