What is Power and Pure?


At Finish we know that a clean home gives you peace of mind and reassurance that you are providing a safe environment for your family. We also know that you are always on the lookout for products that contain fewer chemicals.

That’s why we’ve developed our most innovative formula yet in Finish Power and Pure with Active Oxygen.

New Finish Power and Pure contains an organic catalyst boosted by Active Oxygen which creates millions of high energy oxygen molecules that blast through tough stains, delivering the sparkling clean and shine that you expect from Finish but with less chemicals. 

Our Powergel delivers a pre-soaking action that breaks down and lifts away dried on food. Our Powerball washes away residue for a sparkling shine even in the hardest water conditions. The advanced powder with oxygen based bleach agents seek out and clean tough stains like tea and coffee.

Finish Power and Pure does ALL of this with no added phosphonates and fewer dyes and allergens.

The tablets are packaged in a reseal-able bag so there is no need to individually unwrap and there is a Power and Pure variant in both leading Finish ranges; Quantum and All in One.

New Finish Power and Pure sparkling clean with less chemicals.

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