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Finish Quantum Max gives you the brilliant clean and shine you expect. Finish Quantum Max is available in a re-sealable bag so there is no need to unwrap individual tablets.

­­­­­­­Compared to handwashing, using a dishwasher saves time, money and provides your dishes with a more hygienic clean than hand washing, but what makes Finish Quantum Max the best dishwasher detergent?

Finish presents its latest innovation in dishwashing technology, containing 14 x power actions that not only ensure your dishes come out clean, but are also protected throughout the dishwasher cycle.

Finish Quantum Max dishwasher detergent delivers superior clean and shine. Its breakthrough multi-chamber dishwashing technology activates each of the three cleaning ingredients during the cycle for a powerful clean, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. The Powerball supercharges the dishwasher tablet to tackle the toughest stains first time round for a superior clean and shine.  

Finish Quantum Max is our best dishwasher tablet currently on the market, now with 14 x actions:

1) Pre-soaking Action

Using a dishwasher is more efficient in terms of water-use, as water is recycled in a single wash cycle - using just 12 litres on average (compared to an average of 24 litres washing by hand). There may be times when you are tempted to pre-rinse your dishes in order to make sure they come out of your dishwasher with no food stuck to them, but with Finish Quantum Max this is not necessary as it already has a pre-soaking action.

2) Powerful Cleaning

On average 8,000 dirty dishes passes through a family dishwasher every year. With all these dishes that go through your dishwasher, you’re going to need a powerful dishwashing detergent to help tackle the load. The Quantum Max supercharges the tablet to give you our best clean and shine for your dishes.

3) Cuts through Grease

Grease can be challenging to wash off your dishes and, if left, can block the hidden and hard to reach parts in your dishwasher. Finish Quantum’s grease cutting action helps prevent blockages and grease build-up in the drainage system.

Remember, you should use Finish Dishwasher Cleaner once a month to help maintain your dishwasher’s performance, and clear away grease and limescale to ensure that your dishwasher works at its best.

4) Prevents Water Spots

The built-in salt and rinse aid action removes water residue and helps to eliminate spots and film, delivering a sparkling shine. A lack of salt and rinse aid in your dishwasher detergent can be the most common cause for glasses coming out cloudy and dirty after the dishwasher cycle has ended. Limescale build-ups can affect your clean, determine your local water hardness and adjust the machine setting accordingly to avoid streaks on your glasses.

5) Machine limescale protection

Limescale build-up over time can cause your machine problems, such as reduced water pressure in the rotating spray arms which can cause dishes to come out not as clean as you would expect. The dishwasher’s ability to heat water can also be affected as limescale can build-up on the heating element.

6) Low-temperature action

If you were to hand-wash your dishes, the detergents you use would need to be gentle. However, in the confined space of your dishwasher, stronger detergents can get to work in a concentrated volume of heated water.

If you’re wanting to further save energy by running your dishwasher on the ‘Eco Setting’, you can rest assured with the knowledge that Finish is efficient even in lower temperatures, so you know your dishes will come out sparkling after every cycle.

7) Removes baked on food

Quantum Max takes on whatever you throw at it with its supercharged Powerball, to remove even the trickiest of baked on foods like pasta and egg. No need to pre-rinse as Powerball penetrates, breaks down, and lifts away even 24-hour dried on food.

8) Filter protection

Overtime, limescale will build up in the parts of the dishwasher that you cannot see and around the filter. Whilst Finish Quantum Max has machine limescale protection as some added defence, you should use Finish Dishwasher Salt as it helps to effectively soften the water in your machine so lime scale is less likely to build up.

9) Glass protection

Over time, glasses can become cloudy and dull because of irreversible glass corrosion but with Finish, glasses are protected so wash after wash your glasses come out with a brilliant sparkling shine.

10) Wrapper Free

The wrapper-free design means you can simply take a tablet out of the resealable pack and put it in your dishwasher's dispenser.

11) 1st time tough stain removal

Finish Quantum Max will take care of the dirty dishes and even the most stubborn of food stains, guaranteeing that your dishes always get our best clean in the first wash.

12) Superior Shine

Whether you’re hosting a dinner for friends or just having a family meal, presentation is everything. A perfectly cooked dish is only as good as the dish is it severed on. When your dishes come out of the dishwasher you’re going to want them to look their best, and with Finish’s Quantum Max your signature dish will be unforgettable. Quantum Max washes eliminates spots and film even in the hardest water, delivering a sparkling shine.

13) Silver protection

You may be hesitant when it comes to getting out the silver because of the possibility that they could become tarnished or pitted (the rough feeling if you run your finger over the cutlery), but with built-in silver protection you can treat your best silverware to a deep clean in the dishwasher.

14) Power of Gel and Powder

Finish Quantum comes with a revolutionary new gel chamber that delivers an intense cleaning action for amazingly clean and shiny dishes, first time every time. Quantum Max uses both gel and powder contained in the tablets, delivering the best overall package of cleaning power, convenience, and reliability.

Who knew so much cleaning power could fit into a tiny capsule?