Finish Rinse Aid: Regular

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Many dishwasher owners will have come across rinse aid and wondered what it is and whether it is needed or not. Are you unhappy with having to hand dry wet glassware after a wash has finished? If your glassware is coming out wet with residue and water spot marks it can be hard to pin point the problem. Additives like Finish Rinse Aid are specifically designed to help with these common dishwahsing woes.

Finish Rinse Aid quickens the drying process and helps to remove water from your dishes. Food and detergent residues can stick to your dishes in the rinse cycle leaving spots on your dishes. Finish Rinse Aid works in the rinse-cycle to thoroughly clear away detergent and water residues from glassware.

For optimal results use Finish Rinse Aid with Finish Quantum Max.

How can Finish Rinse Aid help?

Finish Rinse Aid has a glass protection ingredient that works in conjunction with 5x power actions to produce shinier and drier** dishes:

1.       Rinses residue

Rinse aid helps remove the residue left by the minerals found in pipes and hard water which often contains traces of limestone or chalk.

2. Speeds up drying

Rinse aid works as a surfactant that lowers the surface tension of water - so instead of forming droplets, it rolls off the dishware instead of beading up.

3. Fights water spots

Water spots form due to the minerals left behind after evaporation. The benefit of rinse aid is that it is hydrophobic, which means that it will prevent your dried dishes from stubborn water spots.

4. Film protection

Rinse aid makes sure there is no residue or film for sparkling dishware and glasses.

5. Brilliant shine

Rinse aid accelerates drying and promotes the shine.

Is Rinse Aid necessary?

If you’re struggling with water spots and are not satisfied with your dishwasher’s drying abilities, give Finish Rinse Aid a try and see the difference. One of the most common complaints dishwasher owners have is over “wet dishes", making rinse aid a worthy investment.

How to use Finish Rinse Aid:

  • Open your dishwasher door fully
  • Lift out the dispenser knob to (re)fill
  • Pour Finish Rinse Aid into the opening, being careful not to overfill and cause spillage
  • Adjust to the desired setting
  • Gently push the lid down to close the dispenser

Finish Rinse Aid is also available in Regular and Lemon Sparkle and can help protect against glass corrosion.

**versus detergent alone